Vortex Point Junior 2

Vortex Point Junior is a game series containing brain teasers, puzzles and all-age mathematical riddles.





  1. Disha Bhura says:

    I LUV YOUR WEBSITE!!!…… U guys r the best

  2. Sandro says:

    Brain teaser 2: The picture of the correct answer is incorrect. The skull isnt displayed in the right direction.
    PS: Sorry about my english! πŸ™

    • Carmel Games says:

      Hi Sandro,

      Which game and which question exactly are you referring to?

      • zuzka says:

        ItΒ΄s brain teaser 3, “the cube”
        no one of proposed solutions is really right, only background colors are OK, the pictures on the sides are in wrong positions (up/down, R/L)

        • Carmel Games says:

          Hi zuzka,

          You are correct, the backgrounds and the drawings are the same, but the drawings are rotated, we’ll try to avoid those kind of inconsistencies in the future. However, like they say in school, if none of the answer is correct, answer the closest answer possible to the solution πŸ™‚

  3. what is the logic behind the answer of card #1 in vortex point junior 2.Their is given answer 4 in walkthrough but no reason is given………………….

    • Carmel Games says:

      Hi Shivam,

      Each number on a square represents the distance (number of squares) of that square from the pumpkin.

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