Brain Train with Professor Labcoat #21

Brain Train is an educational game series dedicated to train and challenge your brain.
In each game you’ll find a collection of brain teasers, puzzles and memory games.





  1. jda says:

    i’d make a little precisation:
    Q2 is not absolutely defined, it could also be 2 (answer n.5) because 8+2 =10, two times 5;
    then 12+2 =14 two times 7, following this logic 4+2 =6 and 3 comes
    anyway, thanks for these wondeful games, and sorry if i mademistakes, english is not my first language, mathematical english way worse! 😀

    • Carmel Games says:

      Hi jda,

      First of all let me just say your English is pretty god, so no worries about that!
      Regarding your comment, technically your are correct but we think the solution presented by us makes more sense (for example the direction of the formulas in your solution is quite arbitrary), at lease we hope it is 🙂

      Thank you for commenting and glad to hear you’re enjoying our games!

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